Thursday, March 15, 2007

The collection

You may have noticed. I buy a lot more sock yarn than I ever actually knit. I've begun to think of my stash, especially the sock yarn, as a collection. Something that gives me pleasure just to look at rather than for its more utilitarian aspect. I don't have one or two of everything that's out there but I do have a lot.

Here are the skeins of Sweet Georgia Super Sock that I added yesterday. It's a colorway called Coal Harbor. I wasn't familiar with this yarn and had barely heard of it. But when my friend L (of L&H fame) mentioned a few weeks ago that she was going to Unwind to get some I tucked the reference away thinking maybe someday I'd see some.

I got an email newsletter from Unwind on Monday that said they had a very limited supply of this yarn and that there wouldn't be any more because the vendor was not going to make any more, ever. So I called and purchased two skeins, sight unseen, just so I'd be sure to have some in my collection. I'm pretty glad I did. It's not a colorway I would normally choose but I liked it more than the three others that were available. And it is nice to the touch. It's 100% merino, hand paint.

Other than that, I've got nothing. I've been really busy with other stuff but I think my week is settling down a bit. Tonight's our last Thursday night knitting group. I work tomorrow and am going to the the Flying Karamozoff tomorrow night. Nothing planned for Saturday though. Oh, no. Wait! I forgot. I'm having breakfast with Mendy before we go to the St. Patrick's Day Sale at Unraveled.


mary said...

Good thing to see you're such a dedicated sock yarn collector. It took everything in my power *not* to pick up the phone and hold a skein of Sweet Georgia. At least I have one in my "collection" already but I am hardly the sock knitter extraordinaire that you are.

Anonymous said...


Now you have the right idea...a collection. And in a collection, you never have too many or too much. You now have permission to buy sock yarn whenever you find some that just aches to be held and carressed by you.

This gives you a whole new lease on life. Buy lots.


dragon knitter said...

lucky you! you should have seen the feeding frenzy online at the loopy ewe when she updated a week and a half ago. people were losing things out of their carts left and r ight!

luscious colorway, for sure.

GaiaGal said...

Dear Larry~

Please send warmth. Someone forgot to turn off Winter here in MD!

I'm the same way with sock yarn. I'm sure my collection is not as large as yours, but it's a collection none the less.