Friday, March 23, 2007

Notice anything different?

That's right. I changed the color of the provisional cast on. That red color was just wrong. Really bothered me. Made the colors of the actual yarn really difficult to see.

Then I thought I might as well correct the gauge since I was starting over anyway. And I was able to use a longer needle that I just happened to have in the bigger size. And this time it only took about an hour to do the 441 stitch cast on. I'm really getting the hang of that one.

When I first noticed that my gauge wasn't what it was supposed to be I figured it wouldn't matter since it's a shawl. Then I realized it did matter since my row gauge was about 2 shy per inch and the shawl would come out too short. Since I'm decreasing four stitches every other row there was no way I could just keep on knitting until it was long enough. Of course I'd worked a few more rows before I figured that one out. So now I have four rows done.

I was also informed that Easter is on the 8th of April. Whose idea was that? So this might just become the May Day Shawl.

The color is better in the photo, especially of the provisional cast on.


GaiaGal said...

Wow. I'm behind in posts! Sorry 'bout that.

It won't be happening any more! Dave told me how to subscribe when i can't find the "subscribe" button on someone's blog. Now i'll be alerted when you post. Yea!!


lexa said...

I feel for you. Last night I realized I was using the wrong needle size for the back of a sweater I'm knitting for the store. I was supposed to be using 4.5mm but had 4mm instead. Luckily I only had about six rows done when I noticed the mistake!

mary said...

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news on the date. I think you'll be done with it sooner than you think.