Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Kind and generous!

I have some very kind and generous friends. Here's an example of that kindness and generosity. A sheepie bank filled with quarters. (Just in time for today's laundry hassle.) Thanks, Pat. I tried several times to get a decent photo but this is the best. Too much glare from the glaze, even without a flash.

Last night was Dulaan knitting. Th hosted and it was really nice. Wine all around plus cake and coffee. I made a small hat. I wonder if Mongolia babies have really small heads. There were five us, the four guys in the group and Susan. Lots of fun. We're probably going to meet at Th's house again next week. Great for me. It's only about five minutes from my house.

Speaking of Dulaan. Here's a photo that a friend in North Carolina sent. She made all these things from yarn I had sent her and has already shipped them to Flagstaff. Thanks, C! It's a good thing to have kind and generous friends.