Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Little Jack Horner

wouldn't be happy. The westher is causing me some problems. Yesterday the high was only 58°F and it rained a bit just to make things worse. I think it's the weather although it could just be that my arthritis has racheted up a bit. My left thumb is really hurting this morning. Right in the joint where the thumb meets the hand. I can bend it but at a price. I worked on some socks yesterday and had to do my best to keep my thumb straight. Given my technique that was hard to do. I should probably take a couple of days off but that's not likely to happen. After all, that's why they invented ibuprophen. Not going to be pulling out any plums for a while.

I know I'm behind the curve on this but I just listened to my first podcast. That's not strictly true. I did listen to parts of one that a friend had on her i-pod. I don't have an i-pod so I listened on my computer. I could probably get hooked on this. (How do you write that anyway? ipod, iPod, i-pod?)I read wabi-sabi every day. She has a series of podcasts called Purl Diving. You can link from her blog. I love her laugh.

I've been trying to teach my cat to speak English. I have to admit though that there hasn't been much progress. Sometimes he will say mmm-keh which I think means okay. That's usually right after I've told him to wait a minute. His only other word is more of a whine than a word. That's also usually after I've told him to wait a minute. Other than that it's pretty much body language. And the constant meowing he's doing this morning isn't making any sense at all. I gave him some treats but that didn't seem to be what he wanted. I brushed him some but that wasn't it. He doesn't want to play string. It will be lots easier when he learns a few more words.


mary said...

I'm way behind you on the podcast curve. When your cat learns to say "meow mix", you should record it and put it on the internet, so I can finally have a reason to get an ipod (sp!).

katherine said...

Larry, I blush thinking about you listening to me laugh (laughs).

When I was a kid, my family always told me I laughed too loud. Go figure, eh?