Tuesday, October 31, 2006

We have a new regimen around here. Patrick, my cat, has decided that he'd much rather have breakfast at 4:30 instead of the almost equally unacceptable 5:30. This has nothing to do with daylight savings time. It started several days before we regained our purloined hour. It's really getting to me. Once I'm up I don't go back to bed. Perhaps I should but I get started on my day and before you know it, it's time to go to work. I tried going to bed earlier as a means of compensating. Didn't work. Patrick decided that that would be a good time for some extra scratching and petting. He, meanwhile, just eats a few nibbles and goes back to sleep. Anybody need a cat?

So, how's the knitting? Not a lot to report there. I'm still plugging away on the Boku multi-directional scarf and I'm into the gusset decreases on a pair of socks. Yesterday was our Dulaan knitting group. We don't always get a lot of people for this as many of the knitters who started with us have jobs and stuff that they didn't have when we started. But yesterday there were five of us. We met at a different venue. The weather was really nice so we sat outside on T's patio. We also had a champagne brunch. Really nice. Fresh melon salad, a sort of sausage quiche and croissants, preceeded by currant scones and followed by pumpkin cheesecake. Everyone wanted to know if we could meet there again soon, before the weather gets too cool. Oh, I worked for most of the time on a sweater I'm making for Dulaan and I finished another rectangle for our afghan.

I got a bunch of Fleur de Laine that was on sale at Velona's last week. I'm thinking maybe I'll make something for me but I'm holding off on starting until I finish something, anything, just finish something. And I emptied out one of my canvas bags and found a sweater that I had abandoned three years ago, mostly because I lost interest. Now I'm going to rip that and start something else. I used the yarn doubled so that'll take some doing to separate the strands into hanks so I can wash and de-crimp the yarn before I can use it again. It's a lot easier to think of things I'd like to do than it is to find time to do them. And I get to change my mind without having to rip.


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