Monday, October 16, 2006

I don't have any knitting pictures so here's one of my cat, Patrick. He doesn't always look so stern. I think he was just irritated because I was keeping him awake.

I'm going to Utah at the end of the week for a few days. Lisa came over last night so we could spend some time together before I go and so I could review all of Patrick's idiosyncrasies and how to deal with them. He actually knows her so I think they'll get along fine.

Like most knitters who go on trips I'm trying to figure out which projects to take. I don't know what my brother has planned for the four days I'll be at his new home. This is the brother that used to live in Idaho. He has a new dog so I'm sure I'll have to spend lots of time admiring her and all her many entertaining tricks. But there will be time to knit, especially since my brother spends a lot of time on the computer doing his stock market stuff.

Meanwhile, I think I may be losing it. I have been getting myself psyched up for a homeowners meeting tonight. Sat down this afternoon and read through all the rules and regulations. Then I went to check with my neighbor to see if she wanted a ride. The meeting isn't for another two weeks. Oh, well. At least my homework is done. I think it's getting to be time for me to write things down.

Today was Dulaan knitting day. I'm working on another sweater. It's not far enough along to take a picture yet. Mendy and Judy worked on squares for the afghan we're putting together. I need to get some more of those done myself. But first I want to finish a pair of socks for Lisa. One is done and the other is about half way to the heel flap. If it's as slow at Skein this week as it was last week, I'll have plenty of time. I'll also try to finish the chevron scarf, but that one's not due until Christmas.

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