Friday, October 13, 2006

It's not Kureyon. It's not Silk Garden. It's Boku (pronounced beaucoup) from Plymouth Yarn.

I first heard about this yarn last week when a friend of mine, who also happens to be the rep for Plymouth Yarn, asked me if I had seen it yet. She did say that it was Plymouth's answer to Noro. I don't think she meant it was exactly the same, only that it had some similar qualities.

Even the label is similar. Skein was supposed to see the yarn last Tuesday but Ann Mary cancelled the appointment. I found these at Unraveled in Monrovia. They only had four of the six colors because two colors are still on back order. So I got four skeins each of two colors.

I couldn't wait to see how it would knit up. Since I've used Kureyon for lots of multi-directional scarves I thought that pattern would be a good comparison. I do like how the yarn feels in my hands. Much softer and less scratchy than Kureyon. And the yarn is more even throughout although there is some slight variation in thickness but I haven't had any of those sewing thread thin spots that Kureyon sometimes has.

The color, while it's pretty enough, is not as edgy and startling as Kureyon is. I haven't knit enough yet to see if the color changes are as unpredictable as Kureyon. The put-up is 99 yards per 50 gram skein and works on a US size 7 four stitches per inch. And it's a lot less in price. These skeins were $6.65 each. And Unraveled is having a 15% off sale all this month.

The yarn is a blend of 95% wool and 5% silk. It needs to be handwashed and laid flat to dry. So far I like it a lot. I may have to go back and get the two other colorways.

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