Monday, September 30, 2002

Remember that rain I mentioned a couple of days ago? Well, it had an amazing effect on the wild fire and on the air over the LA basin. Yesterday was a perfect fall day in Southern California. Clear sky and gentle breeze and mild temperature. You get the picture.

So that made everyone at the Knit Out very happy. Lots of knitters and crocheters milling about, fondling fibers and gushing over all the samples. We handed out over 500 brochures for Skein and I probably explained the drop stitch at least 50 times. I was a little disappointed that I couldn't get away to see all the other shops but I was the only one at our table that could answer all the questions etc. Ann Mary's daughter, Desiree, and her friend, Julie, were charming company but they neither know diddley about knitting or fibers. But I did get to see a lot of people.

Ellen stopped by and we had a great chat. Hope to meet up with her again soon.

And Shannita came by and introduced herself. We're going to try to hook up some time in the future when she does her big craft show thing next year.

I also met Ruth of Twisted Spinster (can't seem to link to her blog) and we had a short visit. I think I had a lot of people there at the time. I met several other folks who read my blog and that was lots of good head trip stuff. It's nice to know there's a real community out there.

All the exhibitors got these turquoise t-shirts to wear. I think I'm just gonna retire mine. Not my best color and the big logo on front doesn't work well for me. But it was fun wearing it at Knit Out.

Most frequently asked question: where's Arcadia?
Answer: just east of Pasadena
Reply: Oh, I think I know where that is.

We're not exactly in the sticks but I guess when you live on the Westside it seems like it. So that's it for Knit Out 2002. Today I'm staying indoors and finishing up this scarf. I've been working on it for a week now and I'm tired of it. (That link doesn't take you directly to the scarf but once you're there you can find it. It's made with Silk Boucle and it's pattern number 3 under that category.) Then I'm going to finish the pumpkin hat and redo the ribbing on the neckline of the Turino silk top.

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