Saturday, September 28, 2002

Just got home from the opening night concert of the LA Chamber Orchestra. What a treat! Hillary Hahn was the soloist in a couple of J.S. Bach pieces. Very rousing Mozart symphony (Jupiter) brought the house down as a closing number.

Other interesting news is it's raining here this evening. I hope it helped squelch the big wildfire we've had going the past week. But on the down side I wonder if it will continue and wreck the Knit Out tomorrow. The Third Street Promenade is very open air. I don't know if any provision has been made since it rarely rains here at this time of year. Guess I'll just show up and see.

Sometimes I just don't believe people. One student today. She wanted to learn to knit and only had a half hour to spend. She wanted to know how long it would take her to make a sweater. Oh, and could I teach her to crochet too. Is it easier to learn than knitting? She wants to make a lot of stuff so she can make some money selling it. This is going to be interesting. I'll see her again in a couple of weeks and see if she's mastered the knit stitch yet.

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