Thursday, September 26, 2002

Time is out of joint and my world is out of whack. Family events have stirred up and mismatched my daily routine. So I'm not sure what day it is. It feels like Monday but it isn't. Going out to lunch with friends today will make it feel like Sunday. Went to Skein yesterday so I could get some more un-knitting done on my current shop project. I just really needed Ann Mary's presence and advice. I felt much better when I left. I am also ready to re-knit the last third of the Karabella scarf.

Almost done with the second pumpkin hat. Got a lot done just while reading my daily blogs. The arms on my desk chair make it a little awkward because if I put my arms down inside the armrests then I can't move freely, if I put my elbows on the armrests it feels like the bones are being crushed. What a wimp! But I still got a lot done.

For my nephew, Jonathan. The world was too much and love was not enough. Rest in peace.

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