Thursday, September 19, 2002

This is more about un-knitting than knitting. I've been going through my stash and reviewing all the unfinished items. I decided that two of the shawls just weren't ever going to make it. So I spent several hours yesterday ripping them out. It is possible, with patience and persistence, plus some occasional profanity, to rip fine mohair. So now I can start a new project, once I find that pattern that I know is here somewhere.

Does anyone have any good blogs for culinary and recipe types? A friend of mine recently lost all her bookmarks when she upgraded her Netscape and has asked me if I had any recommendations. If you have some links that you like, please, send them to me so I can forward them.

I finished the Turino silk top and don't like it. I think it's going to become something else but I will wait until Lisa sees it. I set in the sleeves using slip stitch crochet. This went a lot faster than mattress stitch and worked better with the yarn. And if I do take it apart it will be a lot easier to undo.

The pumpkin hat with leaf is cute but a little too small. I've started another one using Sugar'n Cream that will be about one inch larger which is what I think I need. I like the darker orange color better, too. And I have enough to make a Trick or Treat bag to go with it. Lisa doesn't go trick or treating, but she loves Halloween.

Found some Reynold's Candide in my stash that is going to become a plain, raglan pullover for me, if I ever finish the other things I have going. I want to work a swatch, just to see how it will look. And to get the gauge so I can write the pattern. I shouldn't do this because I know I will start the sweater and then I'll have at least five active projects. But I probably will.

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