Sunday, September 22, 2002

Thanks all for the great recipe and food blog links! Some delicious stuff out there. And my friend really appreciated them too!

Sometimes teaching is just plain fun. Three new knitters yesterday, all of whom got it. A pair of sisters, neither of whom have ever done anything "crafty". I would guess them to be in the early to mid twenties. One sister, the younger, really understood the knitting and purling part but had a bit of a problem with casting on. The other one was just the opposite. Between them they'll do just fine. I hope to see them next weekend to get them started on their first projects.

The third new knitter wanted to learn so she could help out at her son's Waldorf school. I don't know much about Waldorf schools but one of the things they're famous for is teaching all the students how to knit. Anyway, the school had a group session to teach the parents how to knit. I guess it was just chaos and very few people went away satisfied. This lady is a natural. And it turns out she and I have a mutual friend.

We don't put a time limit on our drop in classes so I had all three of them for 2 or 3 hours of the afternoon. It was party time, sorta. One of my earlier students was also there for most of the time. She was so encourging and really gave everyone a lot of support. And I also taught another experienced knitter how to do the long tail cast on and how to do a drop stitch.

So I'm jazzed and looking forward to this afternoon. I'm expecting a least one continuing student. And I must remember to get some 2.5 dpns so I can start my socks.

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