Thursday, September 05, 2002

Thursday is not one of my usual days at Skein but today I went in to meet with a new customer. Had a wonderful time and we became quite chummy. She had just spent a little over$300 for her next project, a cardigan using Trendsetter's new yarn, Papi, plus their Voila and Metal with a little bit of Dulcino for the finishing. (Trendsetter doesn't appear to have a web page as yet but there's an ad for the cardigan pattern in the newest Vogue Knitting.) I also sold her some Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride for a vest in the same issue of Vogue. I had actually met her at Temple City Knit Shop about a month ago. But the bottom line is we really like each other and it's going to great working with her.

We also had two more new customers today. I only worked with one of them but we also got along well and she'll be back in a week or so to take some lessons. I just hope this trend of people learning to knit or returning after not knitting for a long time continues. I've been trying to figure out why knitting is so attractive to me. Its meditative and allows me to create but there seems to be something more to it for me. There's a little bit of competitiveness somewhere in there. Not sure what that's about. Maybe it's about acknowledgement as well. Hm! have to work on this some more.

I fixed the decreases on the front of my current project and will probably begin putting it together tomorrow. Ann Mary wants me to make a hat and scarf using Rowan's Big Print. Size 35 needles. You've got to be kidding.

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