Monday, February 26, 2007

Who needs the Oscars?

My cat is enough entertainment. Patrick never gets up on tables. At least he didn't until now. I don't know what possessed him to climb up here and sit in the very middle of the current jigsaw puzzle. He seemed quite pleased with himself though. And he hasn't tried to get up there again. Unless it's while I'm not here.

I don't watch the Oscars. I almost never go to movies nor do I follow what is going on with all the hype and gossip about the so-called stars. So I don't much care who wins or loses.

Instead I started a new Kureyon Zigzag scarf. One of the ladies I work with at Stitch in Time saw Mendy's Zigzag scarf last week and asked me to show her how to do it. I'm not sure Kureyon is the best yarn for this project. The color changes are a bit too long so you don't get the full zigzag impact. But it's what I have on hand and will the fine for now.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Larry -

I'm with you re Oscars (what's that?) and movies (don't follow) - If I'd been working on that puzzle, I would have been a tad annoyed at Patrick, though. Hopefully he didn't scramble your pieces too much!


lexa said...

We had a cat when I was a teenager that would dig the puzzles if we left them out. We had to keep them on a board and slide them under the sofa when not attended.

I put the Oscars on for about five minutes, enough to see Jennifer Hudson win Best Supporting Actress. I used to love award shows, can't stand them now.

Monika said...

My husband watched the Oscars, but the rest of the family was otherwise occupied. ;o) (with knitting). Even this dark picture of your Kureyon scarf looks good. I like it! Our pets do the darnest things, but we love them still. ;o)

sue said...

Cheeky Patrick, obviously resorting to other attention grabbing stunts I see. I like the new scarf too, and the colors are quite nice in it.

GaiaGal said...

Wow. There's a lot of color in that puzzle. We only tend to get going on one when there's a good only one has been done this Winter and it was done by Deb and her Mom, i never got into it. I'm waiting for them to bust open this one that is all marbles. Ooooh!!!

I watched the Oscars from red carpet to the end. I couldn't miss Melissa Etheridge singing and then winning and i was so very pleased when James Taylor (my fave!) sang with Randy Newman. I got a LOT of knitting done!


Bess said...

Oh Oh I am so in love with Patrick. What a personality. Or is it cat-0-nality. Lawsee he is cute. I'm finally peeking at the blogs - I've missed you all and I don't know when I'll be back again. But I'm glad to see there is still a whole lotta knittin' going on.