Tuesday, February 27, 2007

If these be showers

then I don't want to see your thunderstorms. It was pouring this morning when I got up. Showers were predicted. That was a bit of an understatement. But now, four hours later, the sun is shining and the clouds seems to be moving away. Although there were warnings that there'd most likely be more rain later today and into tomorrow.

I finished the Iceland Scarf last night. It's a little wider than I thought it would be but it's certainly going to keep someone warm. Lisa was taken with it when she saw it last Saturday so it'll probably be hers.

Now that the sun is out I'm going to be going to Studio City to work with my private student. We had agreed that if it was raining I would skip this week. I haven't heard from him so I guess he's expecting me. Once that's done I'll come home and work some on my Dulaan sweater. Haven't touched that in months. I have some new yarn that I got last Saturday but I really need to get caught up first. Like that's going to happen.

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GaiaGal said...

Your Iceland scarf certainly looks very cuddly. I'm sure the recipient will adore it!

I love thunderstorms! Can't wait until it's the season. Soon, i hope!!