Tuesday, February 20, 2007


A couple of days ago it was 90F here. Today it might get up to 65. Very erratic weather this winter. When I leave for my morning walk I'm usually wearing a hat, a scarf, gloves and a heavy coat. By the time I get back I'm usually carrying at least part of it. I've been trying to go out a bit later so I don't have to wrap up quite so much. But today I don't have time to wait.

I'm giving a private knitting lesson today. I have to leave Pasadena by 10 in order to get to the guy's house by 11. Somewhere on Mulholland Drive. I haven't been to that part of town for over twenty years. Way before it became the chic address it is now. It could be interesting. I forgot to buy the supplies he will need so I have to stop at Skein on the way to pick up needles and yarn.

Yesterday was one of the busiest Mondays I've had since I started at Stitch in Time. Several people came in that had the holiday off. Hooray for holidays on Monday! So I didn't do much personal knitting, maybe two rounds on some socks. And then in the evening I had a call from my older brother. That's always good for an hour or so. And another call from a Chinese friend I haven't talked with for more than two years. That was another hour. So very little knitting yesterday. I did finish another hat for Dulaan. It's drying right now. You don't really need another picture of another Dulaan do you?

The rest of this week will be pretty busy. I'm working on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, covering for the other knitting instructor who's going to Stitches West. So, if you're close enough and want a lesson or just want to come and visit I'll be at Stitch in Time from one to five in addition to my ten to five on Friday.

I also have three knitting nights this week and a yarn shop hop on Saturday. I am home tomorrow evening, at least for now.

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