Friday, February 23, 2007

Quick shift

After doing all those hats (I finished another one on Wednesday night) and struggling with the tinyness of stitches on dpns, while trying to look alert, I succumbed to the impulse to start something else.

The problem, if you want to call it that, was that I didn't have anything with me that I could switch to. Happily I was on my way to Unraveled where I knew there'd be lots of things from which to choose. They have a bunch of needles on sale. That's good since I haven't been able to find my US13s. Got some Britanny for about $7.00. Then found some yarn with an appropriate gauge. Not, unfortunately, on sale.

It was raining and cold so I thought another scarf would come in handy. And there it is. Worked this bit up last night at knitting group. A 9 stitch braid cable centered between two opposing 4 stitch rope cables. And a little ribbing to fill it out a bit. I'd have more done except we were also celebrating a birthday so we had to stop for cake. (Good, but not chocolate.)

1 comment:

GaiaGal said...

It's interesting that when i look at that picture, the yarn seems so soft looking. Is it? Wait. Nevermind, dumb question. Scarf. Touching neck. It would have to be! ;)