Monday, February 19, 2007

Hats Aplenty

There are lots more hats in the works. These are the ones I completed this weekend. I didn't get much else done though. Some yarn sorting. I found more sock yarn, enough to fill one of the new storage boxes that I got for my birthday. And a lot of Tahki Cotton Classic that's already wound into center pull cakes. I don't remember doing that or what I was going to do with all that cotton. I know I have enough other Cotton Classic that I can combine with this and make one of the Mason-Dixon Log Cabin Blankets.

So today's a holiday. For most people anyway. Unless you're in retail. A Stitch in Time is open today. I'm hoping that some of the people I don't usually get to see will come in and say hello. But it's also raining today. That's another cause for celebrating. Our rainfall this year is way below normal so rain, even on a holiday, is a welcome change.


GaiaGal said...

LOL! I almost sent Deb to the post office today. Duh!! I totally forgot about the holiday. Silly me!

Looks like your weekend was very productive. Nice work!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Larry,

I would have loved to stop by but between both kids having play dates (at home) from the morning to 6 pm, and between (finally) pruning my roses - well, half of my roses - and putting in some plants, and having a friend ("carpenter Larry" as contrasted with "knitting Larry" in my house!)do some repairs in my kitchen, I didn't have a spare moment.... but I did keep thinking that it would be awfully nice to stop by!
Have a good week!