Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

to those who observe it. And for the rest of us, better luck next year. Actually I did get a sweet card from Lisa. It has been a nice day though. Had a chance to catch up some on my sleep and managed to get my laundry done a day earlier than expected. So tomorrow will be an open day for me.

Here's my latest completed Dulaan hat. I used some Calmer (Rowan) and some Paris Rainbow (Plymouth) that I had in stash. The yarns are both cotton but there's enough synthetic and it's a very tight knit that I think it will still be a warm hat.

And I've started another one. This is the celebrated Cloud Hat from Ryan's pattern list. This one uses one strand of Plymouth Encore and one strand of a very fuzzy mohair that I recycled from a less than successful shrug I knit a few years ago. I should be able to finish this tonight. Especially since I have no Valentine's committments or opportunities.


dragon knitter said...

if i could, larry, i'd email you a bite of the lobster i had tonight (i had to cook it, but that's ok!). you don't need all those sweets anyway. in fact, my daughter can't eat sweets (she has a killer sweet tooth, it cries every time she tries) so i bought her a giggly smilie beanie and a fuzzy heart pen. (she's 21, so she's a bit old for stuffies, lol).

happy valentine's day! i didn't get but one load of laundry done, your up on me!

GaiaGal said...

You are just so quick with those hats. I'm so amazed.

Over here, Valentine's Day is just another day. We show no more love toward each other than any other day. Living life together and getting through *is* Love in it purest form.

It's been a nice day!

Enjoy your open day! WooHoo!! I smell some more knitting!