Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Joey's Natural Color Farm Yarn. American grown wool, made in USA by Farmhouse Yarns, LLC. I got it at Unraveled a couple of weeks ago. I'm sort of in to tweed yarns this year and am really tickled with this one. It's a bit rough in the hand but it's already a little softer just from being wound. I got two hanks. Enough for a decently sized scarf. I still have to decide which pattern I'll use. Probably something with a cable or two.

I did knit a hat last night for Dulaan. No picture because I didn't remember my camera. But it's just a stocking cap, some beige Jo Sharp cashmere blend and some blue stripes to make sure I had enough of the cashmere to finish the hat. I had maybe a yard left over. We're not going to meet next week but I'll try to do my weekly Dulaan from home.

I took some pictures of the yarn I bought on Sunday but I'm still not sure how to post more than one photo. And they were pretty blurry. I'm sure you've all seen Cascade anyway.

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