Wednesday, August 21, 2002

After Velona's we went to Newton's Country Knits in Anaheim. This vendor specializes in machine knitting yarns although there were a few random cones and skeins of yarn for handknitting. They sell knitting machines, too. I was told that they had recently moved to their current location and were still sorting through things. This is not a conventional retail space. We went into the warehouse and looked at the yarns that were being shrink-wrapped and put on the shelves. Most of what I saw was too fine for handknitting, at least for me, but much of it would be great for carry along strands. I didn't see any wool but there was some cotton and lots of synthetic. Plenty of glitter and eyelash type yarns, all on cones. I've seen these people before at weaving shows. Usually they have their yarns in hanks that are much more appealing. It's easy to get carried away so be careful, some of the stuff can get pretty expensive.

On the way home we stopped at Jake's Road House in Monrovia, for lunch. Love this place. We sat outside and enjoyed the unseasonably pleasant weather we've been having for the last week or so. There was a large crew filming for a new series on ABC this fall. (I think it's called "Without a Trace".) That was fun to watch. Came home and took a nap.

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