Friday, August 23, 2002

It looks like we may be going to have summer again. The past few days have been really cool, as in not too hot. But supposedly the temps will be rising again. I was hoping for an early fall. I don't know where all the people went but they certainly weren't at Skein today. Here's to a better day tomorrow.

I did manage to finish one sleeve for the Turino Silk sweater I'm making. I also worked for about two hours this morning one the mellow yellow sweater. So there is an upside to a quiet day. I also looked at all the new Anny Blatt, Filatura di Crosa and Stacy Charles knitting books. Lots of great stuff in there. Not that anyone would actually make some of the things. But lots of great ideas. And some things that a real person could wear, with a little daring. I forgot. There were also a couple of new magazines from Bouton d'Or. I'm still waiting for the newest Jaeger books. I know there's stuff in them that I want to make.

Most of the new fall and winter yarns have arrived but Ann Mary doesn't want to put them out for a few days yet. Big yarns are still big. And the colors seem brighter to me. Guess I'd better finish the black lace top so I can start some new samples.

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