Monday, August 19, 2002

I've been way too social the last few days to do much knitting. I did manage a few rows on some of my projects for Skein while I was at the shop but I was pretty wrapped up in helping with questions and also doing some selling. But today, after one more lunch with a former co-worker, I came home and knitted for about 5 hours. I finished the front on the mellow yellow top that I started weeks ago and had to rip out because of gauge problems. So now I'm feeling a little more up.

My on-line web design class is coming along, but slowly. It all makes sense when I read it and I don't have any major problems (other than my typing). It sure takes a lot of time though. I suspect most of you know that already.

One more trip to yarn shops is planned for this week. Carole has to go back to work next week so we won't have another chance until she has some school holidays. We're going to Anaheim to see Velona and Newton Knit Country. I hear both of these places are way over the top so I'm looking forward to it.

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