Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Well, I'm outa here today to go yarn shop hopping again with my friend Carol. She's on vacation this month and wants to see as many places as possible. She's lived here in the San Gabriel Valley all her life and has rarely left it to go exploring. Today we're going back to some of the shops we saw a couple of months ago and, if I can find it, a shop in Lakewood called the Knit Nut. I think in the afternoon we'll go knit for a while at Temple City Yarns.

I finished the back of my latest project last night while I was at Joanne's for my regular Tuesday night knitting. I'm using Turino Silk from Plymouth Yarns and I really like it. I'm knitting on a size 9 which makes a pretty loose fabric. It should drape very well. The color is a very dark orange with flecks of bright orange mixed in. Makes a very glowing surface.

Yesterday I found some yarn in my stash that I forgot I even had. I didn't even remember where I got it until after I started working with it. I bought this yarn in Santa Fe when I was there maybe fifteen years ago. I don't have the label anymore so I'm not sure what fiber it is. Looks like linen and silk. It's a beautiful hand dyed yarn in grayish lavender and peach. It was very southwest at the time I bought it. I'm making a lace shawl using a pattern from Knitter's Magazine (Summer 2001). Working with it has stirred up a lot of memories of that time in my life. Bittersweet I guess you'd have to call it.

Can't figure out what's happened to my email. All of a sudden the font changed and the messages are showing up in about 16 point type. I managed to get the font back to Arial but can't find anywhere to change the point size. Now I see that my edit page in Blogger is also showing up in the larger point size. But my blog still shows up the way it did originally. I have no idea what caused this. I'm sure it's part of some conspiracy to get me to switch to broadband.

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