Monday, August 12, 2002

Saturday afternoon. A sorta quiet day at Skein. I'm helping a new knitter with a toy she's making for her niece. This lady comes in. Just an ordinary sorta looking lady. Plops her purse and knitting on the table where we keep the patterns and magazines. Since I'm busy, Ann Mary tries to help her. I'm only sorta overhearing what's being said. Some problem with the neckline shaping. Ann Mary says, "Let's ask the master." (Flattering, but it's what she said.) So I'm looking at this sweater, wondering about the strange random varigated yarn. It turns out she had knitted the sweater sorta half inside out. She did the cable correctly but she had used the knit side as the right side instead of the purl side. The varigation of the yarn was from spilling coffee on her yarn before she had knit with it. So anyway, after I explained what had happened, which she handled pretty well, she went on with her shopping and I returned to my student as well as a converstion I was having with my friend Carole.

I'm telling Carole that my cholesterol test results were pretty good and that I didn't understand all the details of the report. So we're speculating about what all those numbers and abbreviations mean. The lady turns around and says. "Let me see that report. I'm a doctor." I got a very thorough explanation of the report as well as some recommendations of what I could do to improve even more. My own doctor has never spent so much time with me.

After that we sat and looked at new yarns and she bought yard of stuff. Everybody wins! you just never know what's going to happen in a yarn shop. So go hang out!

I'm thinking I will unsubscribe to the KnitU list. So much of it is drivel but then along will come a post that has some real content. What to do, what to do?