Thursday, January 27, 2011


I have a small table loom that was given to me by my weaving instructor a few years ago when I thought I might like to weave. It's a hand built copy of a well known brand. It's been sitting, covered, in my yarn stash room for at least five years. As it turned out, weaving didn't really hold my interest.

I've been trying to find someone to give it to and I'm hoping that today will be the day. A friend of a friend is coming by later this morning to look at it. I had to move a lot of yarn and other stuff to get to it. I still have to give is a good dusting. I also have to take the loom part off of the table it sits on or I can't get it through the door.

I found some stuff I had been looking for when I moved the loom. A number of finished pieces that I had put aside for my gift stash. Some more yarn that I couldn't find for a shawl. The second pair of socks I ever knit. I really need to get that room organized. If the loom goes I'll get some more wire cubes and stack them against the wall where the loom was. So I hope that happens.

Here's a small project I'm working on. It's a scarf called Bumble Up, a Spud & Chloe pattern. The pattern and yarn to make it were a gift from my friends L&H. It's been at least a year since they gave it to me. I wonder how they knew I'd be switching my color preferences to gray and neutrals. Anyway, the yarn is Misti Alpaca Chunky and it's so soft. I'm using some size 11US/8.0mm needles. I haven't worked with anything that large since the Great Scarf Explosion back in 1999/2000. I've been working on this scarf when I take a break from my other projects. I should be done in a day or so.

Here's my other current project:

This is my fourth Boneyard Shawl. I'm using some Rowan Summer Tweed from stash. Something I've had since '02. I lost it for a while but found it quite by accident a few days ago. The shawl's quite a bit larger now. I was struggling with the M1 increases. I went to A Stitch In Time and got an Addi Turbo lace needle and that took care of that.

I guess I'd better go dust the loom before it's too late.

p.s. The loom is on its way to its new home.


Monika said...

I thought I'd give weaving a try, but when I looked for a loom and all the accessories, I realized I'd rather spin more. With me, it's either I'm IN 100% or not at all. I even bought a book on weaving. Maybe some day.
I like your new scarf with the chunky yarn. The Boneyard shawl looks great in this color too.

Christine said...

Fortunately, I was able to sample weaving in college. Even though I made a throw, I wasn't that taken with it, thank goodness. Both projects look great. Really like the Spud & Chloe pattern and yarn! L&H have very good taste! Christine/Unr.

besshaile said...

Oh OH OH! I love that uncovered project in the Misty Alpaca - If I weren't busy already with Other Things I would cast on. soooo sweet.

Isn't it fun to discover treasure right in your own house>