Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pogona, a scarf or shawl

I finished the Pogona shawl about an hour ago. I made it for the Selfish Westknits knit-a-long. The idea behind the KAL is that since everyone had been doing so much holiday knitting, no one had had time to knit anything for themselves. I'm not much one for knit-a-longs but this seemed like a good excuse to make one of Stephen West's patterns. I've made three of his Boneyard shawls (I'm starting another one as soon as I finish this post.) I've also made Herbivore. I have his e-book as well. I like most of his patterns. They're simple and well written.

I used a lot of markers. It was easier than paying attention to my work.

In other news. I'm in the middle of a major de-stash. I've run out of room to store any more. It's just unrealistic to think I would ever use up all I have. To make matters worse, I just received four large containers of yarn that has been in storage for a couple of years, since we had a yarn yard sale. My friend who has been storing the yarn is letting her storage space go. This was what was left over. Another friend called this morning and has five or six large boxes of yarn she needs to find a home for. She's having to move and doesn't think she'll be able to keep her yarn. Fortunately her taste in yarn is a lot different from mine so I'm not tempted to take it but I'll see if one of my knitting students would be interested.

Not that I'm only saving gray/grey (my spell check says that grey is wrong) but I'd like to have just stuff that's simple in structure, easy to handle, and good quality. I think you can still be a yarn snob even with those limitations.


unraveledgal said...

Wow!! What a beautiful picture of your project, Larry.

Christine said...


Grey is correct if one is English, so you obviously have a very American spellcheck! Mine is, as well, and it always reminds me to take the "u" out of colour and all the other words that America decided to spell a bit differently.

Beautiful shawl/scarf. You always do such beautiful work.

besshaile said...

I like to use the British spelling too - and I have become a great fan of markers. Used to think I could do without them but now I think "Why would I want to?"


Christine said...

Larry, that's a wonderful scarf/shawl! Really nicely done photo too! I had the same question with grey/gray and finally looked it up, grey is the British version. Stay well! Christine/Unr.