Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Yarn omelette

Did you know that the groundhog doesn't actually see or not see his shadow? The whole thing is decided weeks in advance by a committee. It's true. It must be. I read it on the internet.

This is so wrong. First, Santa Claus, then the Easter Bunny and now the Groundhog. I'm so depressed. But I hope that committee was right. All this crazy weather needs to end and "they" said he saw his shadow so we only have six more weeks of winter. Or was it that he didn't see his shadow. It hardly matters.

But that isn't what I started to write anyway. You know the expression "you have to break eggs to make an omelette." Well, that's what I have going in my house right now. I told you about having to move a bunch of stuff to get to the loom that I was giving away. Well, all that stuff is still stacked, willy-nilly, on the far side of my bed. Or it was. Some of it is now in my living room while I go through each of the bags (there's a lot of them) and decide which projects that were started sometime in the past, are worthy of saving and which ones need to be frogged. Also, which yarns can I comfortably donate or give to friends. The stack of yarns to be donated isn't anywhere near as big as it should be. I'd show you but I'd die of embarrassment.

No pictures of anything I'm knitting. The Boneyard shawl proceeds apace. It's going to be awesome in its tweedy blueness. I've done a few rows on the top down cardigan. That's my Tuesday night simple knitting for when I'm at knitting group. I also have a pair of socks that is only about four months old. The first sock is more than half way done. Pictures soon.

In one of the bags I found a scarf that I started four or five years ago. It's cabled and I used it to practice cabling without a cable needle. Taking a break from sorting, I tried a couple of rows. It was fun. I think I'll go work on it some more.


lexa said...

The groundhog for Nova Scotia is Shubenacadie Sam. He didn't see anything today but snow. Well, I guess the news said he came out before the storm started in his area.

The kids got a snow day today and most likely tomorrow. So much for having a good winter -- it decided to snow all of the snow we didn't get in a day and a half. It has stopped for now, but it's my understanding that it could snow more before morning. I've been out twice with the snowblower, and I have to go out and finish it tomorrow. Trouble is mid afternoon it mixed with rain, so now it's heavy, heavy, heavy.

besshaile said...

alas - we have 6 more week of winter - but if it cold warm up I wouldn't care.

I really would love a photo of your stash.


Christine said...

Hi Larry, Love the comment "I'd show you but I'd die of embarrassment." I can so identify with that!

Christine said...


I wish I had the time to go through my yarns, WIPs, and yarn books. Mine are stacked in no order all over my apartment. I seriously need to get busy organizing it. I'll use you for inspiration!