Wednesday, January 05, 2011

When does the good luck begin?

This is the last photo I'll be posting for a while. Something happened to my photo upload program and I'm still not sure how to use some of the other ones I have.

So far this year I've managed to get a virus that has affected my email. I've spent some time and money talking to the people at AT&T and they think they have fixed the problem. I'm not so sure since I'm still getting messages that emails have been bounced. Well, that's an improvement, I suppose. Still not quite what I paid for. So it's back to the phone tomorrow.

And the washing machine broke down in the middle of my second load. That was Tuesday. The technician showed up late today to repair it. So, I'm a couple of days behind on my normal schedule/routine. I hate that. The last load is in the dryer right now.

So, I'm not so sure that the good luck dinner on New Year's Day is actually working.

About the photo though. I'm making a cardigan using some yarn I got in a swap or a destash. It's called Kelly and is from Filtes King which appears to be a Canadian company but it might be German. Anyway, it's cotton and feels like dried grass. But it's easy to see what you're doing. I made the pattern using my pattern making program. I've done a bit more since I took that photo. That was two skeins. I'm just starting the fourth.

I was hoping for some sunshine to get a better photo but that hasn't happened so far.


lexa said...

Hope your luck turns around fast!

At Knit Nite tonight one of the girls was working on a sweater for a yarn shop for display. It felt terrible, it was three strands held together, one was mohair, one was linen, and one was paper! She had a swatch she washed, it was a little softer but still nothing I can imagine ever wearing. She wasn't feeling the love for it, either. But that's what the lady asked her to make.

Jennifer Stumpf said...

Hello, you're back!! I'm so happy! I've checked periodically for your blog and was sad for what I thought was the demise, although I know it is very hard to keep up a blog. I know I haven't posted in two months since I started a job! Anyway, welcome back and I love gray too! :-)