Thursday, January 13, 2011

More "good luck"

It just keeps coming. Today I twisted my ankle. I can walk but it's not pretty. Damned Dansko shoes. I like 'em. They look good. But I just can't walk right in them.

I also have misplaced six skeins of Rowan Summer Tweed. I've had it in stash for a long time and I came across it the other night and decided it would be perfect for another Boneyard shawl. (I'm doing a KAL with the Westknits Fan Club.) Somehow, in tidying up, I put the yarn away and haven't been able to find it. I did find some Araucania Nature Wool that I had forgotten so I'm using that. It's probably a lot easier to work with anyway.

I had pizza for lunch and I'm having the leftovers tonight. Sometimes life compensates.


besshaile said...

Twisted ankles - bad
Pizza - good!

Hope you're feeling better soon. And don't ever ever ever eat any of those good luck meals on January 1. Last time I had stewed tomatoes and black eyed peas - had the worst year of my life! I eat leftover christmas on january 1 now.

hugs and thinking about you

lexa said...

You sound like me. My Hubs left a hooded jacket at his brother's one time. It made its way to my BIL's FIL's house (follow me?) by mistake. We got it back in the summer, so I put it away til the fall. Now I can't find it. I've searched the closets, no idea what I did with it. And my house isn't that big, I don't have a large number of hiding places. Luckily they gave him another one for Christmas!

Christine said...

It sounds like you're having my 2010~I'm still searching for that "perfect" yarn I saw somewhere around here, and I fell when stepping down from a stool in my classroom and sprained my left ankle right before Thanksgiving. Hope you've gotten it all done with early, so the rest of your year goes much, much smoother.