Monday, February 18, 2008


Today is my friend blogless Thom's birthday. I can't give you his email address though. So if you want to wish him happy birthday you can email me at knitdadatsbcglobaldotnet and I'll be pleased to pass the wishes along. He's a great guy. Charming, witty and generous. And he'll try most anything when it comes to knitting.

Yesterday another friend (L of L&H fame) and I went on a twofer yarn shop hop. We only had a couple of hours to spend before the shops closed. There's a relatively new shop in Glendale that was celebrating its one year anniversary. It's called Itza Knitterie. What a great little shop it is. I didn't see any handcrafted yarn though. But they do have an extensive selection of commercial stuff, including brands that we don't see much around here. Queensland, Mirasol, Kelly and more Araucania than I've seen before. The shelves were full and everything was as tidy and trim as it could be. You got to draw a number from the glass candy dish to see how much your sale discount would be. I only got 10%. L got 15%. But I was happy with the skein of Ranco and the three skeins of Mirasol I bought.

One skein of Araucania Ranco and three of Mirasol Hecho. Add to museum of yarn.

Next it was back to an old favorite, Unwind in Burbank. Stephanie, the shop owner, was there. She's such a sweetheart. Always makes me feel welcome and she also had some great yarns. Especially sock yarns! I got a couple of skeins of the new-to-me Panda Silk from Crystal Palace, two skeins of Lorna's Laces in the color Forest (an old color but one I'd never seen) and one skein of Rio de la Plata multi-colored worsted. It's an odd lot mill end that is being sold as a charity fund raiser. Unwind has several different fund raiser deals going. Pick one or support them all!


sue said...

Happy Birthday to your friend Thom. You should celebrate together since they are such close dates. I love all the yarns, and I like your comment about the museum, made me laugh!

lexa said...

Museum of yarn -- too funny! I'm sure you'd have a wonderful and quite large museum, too. I always love the colors you pick.

Happy birthday to blogless Thom!

Bess said...

Oh la - more beautiful stash! Thank you for the eye candy.