Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lehmus begins

So I decided to start another shawl. When I saw the Lehmus shawl on Rick's blog I knew it was one I would enjoy making. And because he made his using a heavier yarn than the pattern called for I knew I could use some of my Estelle Mystik DK. I've had the yarn for a while. It's some I got in a yarn stash redistribution. It's not on their site anymore so I guess it's discontinued. It's a cotton/viscose blend that's nice and shiny. It does snag if you're not careful. The color looks like gray sometimes and at other times it's a very pale teal. I have to figure out a good way to join the yarn as it's pretty slippery. There may be knots.

My plan is to work a pattern repeat every day. Right now that's not so hard as there are less than a hundred stitches per row. Unfortunately most of my plans get sidetracked by other things that catch my eye. I've been adding to my Ravelry queue lately. A lot. I wound some Classic Elite Lush last night, and some Manos del Uruguay. So I can already tell that I'm going to get distracted.


lexa said...

That's a very pretty looking pattern.

Fay Lynn said...

Oh no! Now i am getting distracted.

rick said...

Great color! I'm sure the photo doesn't do it justice. It does go rather quickly at first, however,
the last couple of repeats will certainly test your dedication :)

Bess said...

well, the fun of plans is that you aren't required to follow them through. Sometimes just begining the plan is enough - sometimes, planning itself is enough.

Certainly, that is enough beautiful lace to make anyone happy.

Anonymous said...

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