Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Losing control

I've been trying to control my yarn purchases, limiting them to only the most essential items. Unraveled just received their shipment of Koigu. I spent the whole day over there and resisted buying any of it. That is until the end of the day. I now have three skeins of this new color way.

I did control my temptation to start a new project long enough to finish the Tidal Wave socks. I think it only took me a year to knit these socks. Which is silly since I really like the stitch pattern and the yarn, Tofutsies from Southwest Trading.

Some things though you just can't control. No matter how you plan. I was supposed to go on a yarn shop hop today but things over which I have no control interfered so the shopping has been delayed for a couple of weeks. I expect there will still be plenty of yarn when I do get to go so it's not such a big deal.

Sometimes even the things you can control will get away from you. I started this hat last night using some Noro Big Kureyon that I recently acquired. I should have checked the yardage requirement but I didn't. I sorta vaguely remembered it. The problem with that though was that it was for a different pattern. Now I could make the hat shorter than the pattern and it would work okay as a hat but it wouldn't be what I had in mind. So, I've found another pattern that will work with this yarn and will only leave a couple of yards unused. And I've been meaning to do some entrelac anyway. So the four hours I spent last knit won't go to waste. I've learned a lesson if nothing else.


Monika said...

You have it especially hard to control your yarn purchases, being so close to it all day, you did good! :o)

mehitabel said...

I'm not doing very well at controlling my yarn purchases either. Melanie at Lotus Yarns put up some adorable Bloodflower today (black cherry, yum!) and I had to succumb--I mean, one skein was reserved for ME! I'm not worthy! But, since I paid for it with the credit from the sale of my knitting machine, I'm thinking of it as "free yarn." That works, hmmm?

Scattered Gemini said...

LOVE, love, love those tidal wave socks!

Uh huh, we know how you are with yarn buying control. ;) LOL!!