Thursday, February 14, 2008

Check your gauge and your links!

Something woke me up at 3:45 this morning. I'm not sure if it was seventeen pounds of feline hunger that came crashing down or the errant Niagara that started pounding the metal awning that covers my downstairs neighbors' patio. The cat's been a little peckish lately and hasn't been inclined to getting up early, so I've been sleeping until almost five. He's fine now though so he likes to get up before the sun is anywhere near where we live. But I'm leaning more toward thinking it was the rain. There was no mention of rain in the forecast last night, certainly not torrential rain. Only some clouds and high winds starting in the afternoon.

I got up and looked out. Yep. That's rain all right. And it continued, not quite as forcefully, for a couple of hours. It seems to be gone now. We've had such near-summer weather lately that I've been lulled into putting away my heavy coat, hat and most of the scarves. Maybe I was premature.

A couple of days ago I put a link on my blog that was supposed to go here. It didn't. I usually check all my links before I finish my blog entry. This time though I was so sure I knew the link by heart and I was running late so I didn't bother to check. I hope I've learned my lesson. I apologize to anyone who followed the original link. I've fixed it now.

So, what are your Valentine's Day plans? Being sans Valentine I don't have anything special going on. I'll be working on those socks and later I'll go over to Unraveled and see who's hanging out there. We don't have knitting group tonight so I will probably come home and try some of the birthday wine. For those of you with Valentines, enjoy yourselves. The rest of us can just mind our own knitting. Don't forget to check your gauge.


mary said...

Happy V Day! I think the occasion calls for more yarn for you. Did you leave any koigu at Unraveled for the rest of us? ;)

lexa said...

I got six red roses today, so I must be close to death or something. I've only ever gotten flowers like two or three times tops from him in the 10 years we've been together. It was nice, and I'll have pictures later on the blog. Problem is the cats (and now the dog) will eat them, so they really can't be where I can enjoy them the most. (I think that's why I don't usually get them.)

Other than that nothing special is going on for us. We got a gift certificate for a local restaurant for Christmas that we may use tomorrow night. If not it will be saved til the end of the month. Our anniversary is the 26th, and my birthday is March 1.

Janice Rosema said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Larry, know that you are loved by your fan club of many knitters. Hope to see you at UR on Saturday. Have a margarita on me sometime today and a little extra treat for Patrick too!

Anonymous said...

My Valentine plans were to deliver flowers for a local florist. Did that this morning. It's always interesting to see/hear the reactions from the recipient. Had an interesting delivery to a plant which involved making something from rolls of steel. When I first got there and started looking for an office, all I saw were big disks being stamped from the rolls. As I followed the path along the production line to the office, I discovered that what I thought were trays for caterers were really lids for 55 gallon steel drums. Interesting the things you can learn.


ColorJoy LynnH said...

You have more than one valentine, my friend. You look to be wealthy with valentines. I'm proud to be one.