Tuesday, January 08, 2008


It was like being in the middle of a rococo painting. This is the sunrise at shortly after seven this morning. The whole sky was this lush pink haze. Of course I haven't captured it but it was amazing, almost tangible.

Same view without so much cropping. By the time I got myself ready to go for the morning walk all the pink was gone and there was just blue sky and fluffy white clouds. It's a beautiful Southern California day. Looks like the rain is gone for a while.

Yesterday was pretty slow at A Stitch in Time. I did see a couple of friends and students. My latest zigzag scarf attracted a lot of attention though. I worked on it for most of the morning and then switched to some socks that have been in the knitting bag for a while. Mindless, take-along socks.

I could spend today doing chores. But I'm not going to. There's plenty of time for that. Today I'm going to knit for as long as I can. And nap. And read some of the books I got for Christmas. And maybe go out for lunch.


lexa said...

What a gorgeous sky! We're unseasonably warm right now. Today was just like spring, I even have my door open to let in some fresh air. By the looks of it it's going to last right through the weekend.

sue said...

How beautiful. It looks like a postcard. Sounds as though you have a nice relaxing day ahead of you. I might do the same thing!

Bron said...

Lovely. Both the pictures and your plans for the day!

mehitabel said...

I saw that sky this morning, too. But now it's clouded over and thinking it might like to sprinkle. I need to figure out how to take pictures from my upstairs window--without getting the messy window into the shot! Cats like to sleep on the ledge and so it's kitty nose-prints for about 2 feet up!

Christine said...


I drove to work under that sky this morning (only a little earlier than 7, though), and I kept looking up just to see it. It was truly beautiful.

By the end of the day, however, even the blue skies were gone, and it looks as if a little more rain might be in our very near future. Hope it isn't the straw that breaks the camel's back, since we've done so well so far. I was sure this weekend was going to be the start of Mudslide Season, but we escaped!


Bess said...

Oh - we had an evening like that - about 5:00 I noticed that even when I looked to the east the world was pink. I called out my circ.desk. clerk and we just stood in the California warmth and let the fairy pink and blue wash us.

Happy knitting Tuesday. It sounds like a perfect day to me.

Scattered Gemini said...

Oh wow, what an amazing sunrise! Nice capture.