Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Beret Done

The beret was finished last night. This photo is pretty close to the actual color of the yarn. The whole thing was an easy knit and was finished with no problems.

Here it is in its circular perfection. Now if it will just fit.

It's cold and wet here today. I'm planning on staying in and trying to stay warm except I have to go to Kaiser for some lab work. And then I need to go to Monrovia to deliver a book that I promised a friend and drop off some "peanuts" for Mendy and some dpns that she needs. Then I'll come home and work on the Noro sweater I started for myself sometime last year.


rick said...

The beret turned out great and I love the colorway!

Anonymous said...

Nice beret. Sounds like a pleasant day except for the lab work. Have a good one,


Anonymous said...

Do you sleep? You finished that beret so quickly.

- Susan

lexa said...

That was a quick knit! Love the color.

Monika said...

You found the perfect yarn for this project! Love it!

Anonymous said...

I've read your blog for quite a while, but not sure if I've ever commented. I quite enjoy it and like seeing "KnitDad's Blog" in bold because that means there's something new with you I get to read about.

I'm still a novice knitter, sticking to simple projects like bags, scarves, and hats, etc. Also I've picked up spinning. I would really like to make myself (and possibly friends) a beret, but cannot find a masculine pattern anywhere that is knit (i can't crochet to save my life). What pattern did you use, and could I get it from you if you don't mind sharing?

Thank you much, and keep posting!!!


Bess said...

What a grand color - says the lover of all things Chocolate Brown! And it did work up fast.

Hope the labwork is all good.

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