Thursday, January 03, 2008

And finally

Just this one last thing and I'll be done with 2007. Here's my last yarn purchase of the year: Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn, Color S184. I got it at Skein when I stopped by there last Sunday to wish Ann Mary and KC a Happy New Year. I like the color a lot. Not so sure about the texture. It's very scratchy although it does have 30% nylon. I'm going to start with some US2 dpns and see how it looks. I've seen one blogger who is making a shawl from this yarn.

I think I might be out of the yarn buying mode for a while. After I left Skein last Sunday I went with my friend L (of L&H fame) to a couple of other yarn shops, Unwind in Burbank and to Stitch Cafe in Valley Village. I didn't buy anything at either shop. And on Monday, even though it was the last day of our 35% off sale, I didn't buy anything at A Stitch in Time. I'm not sure if I'm feeling like this because I spent a considerable amount of money during the holidays and am feeling nervous about the upcoming bills or if I'm just tired of the same old thing and need to see something new. I am going to TNNA at the end of next week. Maybe that will help me decide.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Larry, and Happy New Year! Check out the comments section re Noro sock yarn in Grumperina's Jan 2 blog entry.

- Susan

Monika said...

I'm glad I didn't hop and buy it right away, when I saw it first. Maybe when the prize would get down a bit, I would give it a try. It certainly has nice colors. Will be interested in what you have to say about it. I've read Grumperina's post about it too.
Hey, guess what's in the oven right now! Zucchini bread, my own version, but inspired by your recipe! Smells yummy already! :o)

Christine said...

Is your shop sending you to TNNA? I've always heard that it was closed to anyone not in the business ~ is that true? I'd love to wander around and check out what's new, but never thought that was possible.

Scattered Gemini said...

"...out of yarn buying mode..."

Now where have i heard that one before? ;D

Bess said...

TNNA!?! Oooooo you lucky duck. I want a FULL report the following week. Lucky lucky you.

Hope you like those noro socks. I love their colors but I don't knit the yarn. quirky inner thing but I just don't knit it.

lexa said...

Can't wait to see what you think of the Noro sock yarn.

I'm going out for lunch and yarn shopping tomorrow with three other knitting bloggers. I'm sure I'll come back with something, probably sock yarn. With Christmas just over and both boys having birthdays this month (one this Monday, one next Monday) I don't have a lot of extra right now. Plus I really should use up some stash yarn. But there will be peer pressure tomorrow -- two of the ladies have gift certificates from Christmas!

Have a nice weekend!