Saturday, January 26, 2008

I never met a yarn I didn't like,

until now. And it's not really that I don't like the yarn (Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn). It's just that it's extremely tedious to knit it. I did my first attempt on US 2 dpns but it was just too loose and leggy for a sock. So I'm working on US 0s, my first time with that small of a needle.

I love the colors but not the texture. It's pretty scratchy. I've read that the yarn softens a bit when it's washed. So maybe it'll get better. The yarn has no give so all those K2togs are really a pain. And the yarn sticks to itself so it doesn't feed smoothly as you're knitting. I had to rip back three rows last night to find a missing stitch. That took at least an hour! Can't see the stitches all that well and they don't come undone easily like they do with a smooth, springy wool.

These socks are taking a ludicrous amount of time to knit. But then knitting socks is pretty ludicrous in the first place. Not that it isn't a lot of fun. It's a good thing that I'm more of a process knitter than a product knitter. These socks may go with me to my grave.

What's this? My friend Monika honored me with this award, along with nine other bloggers that she finds entertaining, educational or just fun to read. Isn't that nice? Thanks, Monika. I'm still working on my list of people that I want to send the button to. This is a great way to find new blogs to read. Not only did I find the ones on her list but I saw another blog with the same button and found ten other blogs that I didn't know about. There goes another chunk of time!

I know. It's weird to post over the weekend. But I haven't posted since early this week. There hasn't been all that much going on except the weather and you can read about that in the newspaper. This was the first morning that I could take my walk. It's been so cold and the rain has been pretty constant. So I went out this morning and actually enjoyed being out. It was still cold but the sun was up and there was plenty of blue sky. That's supposed to be over later today or tomorrow and we'll be in the middle of another storm. It's hard to believe right now though. It's a gorgeous day.

I have jury duty next week. I called this morning and don't have to go in on Monday so I'll be at A Stitch in Time. I'll call again on Monday night to see about Tuesday. I don't have a problem with being on jury duty but I didn't want to miss seeing my friends and students on Monday. So I hope I don't have jury duty on Tuesday. I have a knitting group that day. Wednesday would be okay but make it a one day trial please. I have things to do on Thursday and Friday.


Monika said...

You are very welcome, Larry! So, the Noro sock yarn has nothing to offer besides gorgeous colors. I'm glad I didn't jump in and buy it right away. It's prizey, and I'm not sure I like a single ply sock yarn.
And I thought so too, I get to read new blogs, which I wouldn't have know about. And yes, more time spent on the PC. :o)

sue said...

Congratulations Larry! I have been reading blogs with that award and have found quite a few new ones to read which means more hours sitting in front of the computer. I think I would rather be knitting than do jury duty. Thanks for the advice about the sock yarn too.

Bess said...

Oh my - I already bend my size 2 sock needles. How ever will I work with size 0's!?!

Noro does color like nobody else, but I've yet to find a noro yarn I actually wanted to spend time with. I'll just admire it from afar.

LizzieK8 said...

Larry, I used to read your blog a while ago and then lost it when through a serious of computer and life crashes. Glad I found you again...and interestingly I found you while I was creating my list of ten blogs for the You Make My Day Award I received!

It felt good to catch up on your knitting and miscellaneous life.

Anonymous said...

Good luck on jury duty. Are you going to the LA criminal courts bldg? (They don't allow knitting needles, not just during a trial - which I do understand - but not even in the jury waiting room.) I did see a woman smuggle in a crochet hook.

- Susan

mehitabel said...

Good luck with the jury duty! If you have to go, allow extra time to walk the 5 blocks from the Disney Hall parking lot--and watch out for their parking bumpers, too! (That's what I wiped out on, messing up my shoulder and ribs!) I got to play with the Noro sock yarn and I have to say, it won't be following me home any time soon. I have enough fun with KSH!

Ted said...

I don't think I've read a favourable comment about the Noro sock yarn. Maybe it would be okay for a sweater? Or a stole?

How was your amaryllis this year? I remember the wonderful picture of your gigantic plant in bloom.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Larry,

when I was recently on jury duty at the criminal court, downtown LA, I took in some bamboo circular needls and some short double points) - they didn't say anything to me so I went ahead and took them in... didn't have time to knit, as I got put on a case after about an hour the first morning I was there, and spent the rest of the time trying to get off- ultimatly successful, but it took two days - call me if you want hints on what to say to get out of it (or maybe you want to do your civic duty!)



lexa said...

Congrats on your award! Thanks for your thoughts and experience with the Kureyon Sock. We've got some coming in at the store. I haven't really read much positive so far about it except that it's pretty. I'll have to get a skein to try most likely. (At least I get a discount, so if I don't like it, it won't feel so bad!)