Sunday, May 25, 2008

Neck warmer?

This week's finished project is a neck warmer. You'd think by now we'd be making tops and warm weather stuff. Especially since a week ago the temperature around here was in the 100 degree range. This week the daily temps have been below season average, so it's still pretty cool. I don't remember a Memorial Day weekend ever being this cold, or this wet.

Anyway, I made this neck warmer over the course of the week. The yarn is Manos del Uruguay silk blend. I got it at Unwind back in January I think. The pattern came with the yarn. It's called Beech Wood. I just checked the designer's web site and the pattern isn't there anymore.

I did work on a few other projects this week, like a couple of pairs of socks, but they're not far enough along to show yet.

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