Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The celebrated purple scarf

You've heard about it. Now you get to see it. Kind of. It's almost impossible for me to get a photo of this that really shows what it going on. Not only is the yarn very dark, it is also very gloomy here today.

If you happen to have access to the Berroco pattern book Norah Gaughan Collection, Vol. 1 you can see it a little better. The pattern is called Jyri which they show in Pure Merino. I used some Karabella Aurora 8 that I happened to have in stash. It's not quite the same gauge but it's close enough. I used a little over four balls.

The knitting is essentially stockinette. The K3tog decrease in the center of each stitch pattern causes the knitting to draw up and form peaks on the purl side. The purl side is considered the right side.

Because the scarf is stockinette it wants to curl. In the pattern book the scarf is shown being work all curled up. I think it looks great. The color in this photo is way off but you can maybe see the pattern a little better. The actual color is more like the photo at top.

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Paola said...

hi knitter! i found your blog through and i linked your blog
i am from Chile so my blog is in spanish
i loved your designs and the colors!