Friday, March 21, 2008

Why yes, I'm still here.

Why do you ask? I'm just off taking care of other stuff. And I'm still dealing with the residual effects of that cold I had a couple of weeks ago.

There is some knitting going on but it's kinda minor stuff. A scarf here, a sock there. Nothing you could really get too excited about. I'm in the early stages of sorting through all my stash, getting rid of yarn that I know I'll never knit. I moved most of the boxes of yarn into my living room so I have to look at it all the time. The cat is most distressed by this but we're both coping. I'm not sure if putting everything on Ravelry is worth the effort. Do you ever look there to find yarn? Is there a separate section for books that are for sale?

Anyway, I'm still here and will get back to blogging on a more regular basis soon. Or at least that's the plan.


YK said...

Megan does:

sue said...

Oh I think it does help putting your yarn on ravelry. Once you have it all up then you dont have to worry about what you have. I have only done a small part of my stash but have to take the time to do the rest. Sometimes you find things that you dont want to knit and discover other lovelies that you want to put aside for that next project. The only thing I dont like is waiting for flickr to upload all the photos.

Bess said...

I can imagine the value of having all my yarn listed somewhere - but I'mnot sure I'l ever make that effort. At least - not while I'm still 9to5ing it.

I don't know about ravelry's book lists, but thelibraryDOTcom has a great library tool. You just type in the book and if there is a photo on amazon, they automatically load it. Once you're a member you can join groups of like minded folk and they have a book sale group.

Monika said...

Why don't you put up the books you want to sell on you blog? I would be interested to see, what you have to offer.

Bess said...


it's called librarythingDOTcom and the knitting book sale group has been deleted. Sorry - I'll check before I pop off, next time.

mehitabel said...

Glad to know you are recuperating! I'm another one in the list of not-blogging-so-often. It's hard when the house is so torn up! However, I have gotten some new yarn--really should take some pics and blog them, as well as put them on Rav. Oh well. I think that Rav would be a good place to list books to sell or trade!