Friday, March 14, 2008

Back, kinda

Patrick doesn't get daylight savings time. His own internal clock still functions on regular time. That's great for me. He thinks it's 4AM but it's now 5AM so I've been sleeping a bit later than usual. Only an hour, but still, it's an hour I wasn't getting before. And right now I need plenty of sleep.

This cold, the worst I can remember, has been hanging on and on. All I can do is sleep when I can. I try to knit but I go to sleep. I think I'm getting better and then I have a day where I'm just totally out of it. Still plenty of coughing. But that's how it goes, or at least that's what I hear from others who've already been there.

So that explains why I haven't been posting. And also I've not been doing any hardcore knitting. I've started several things, socks mostly, but haven't been happy with how they look. So there's been lots of frogging and starting over. I think because I'm just fuzzy headed right now that I've made some poor choices in yarn and pattern combinations. So I'm just sticking with an Irish Hiking Scarf, a pattern I've used before, so there are no unwanted surprises. And it doesn't require any thinking at all.

It's been quite warm around here. But that's changing again and we're supposed to get some rain this weekend. That'll be nice. I'm working today and expect to be busy. There's always my Friday morning group coming in for their weekly catch-up on each other. And I have a couple of new knitters who'll probably be in for some tutoring. Tomorrow I'm going to hang out at Unraveled, or as we refer to it locally, UR. I heard there would be some sock yarn on sale.


lexa said...

Hope you kick your cold soon. My mother's had one all week, too, and can't get rid of it.

Anonymous said...

Poor Larry. I was under the weather for at least a month with that cold, and know other people who had it worse that me.... it really is nasty. The cough was ridiculous. Ugh! Getting your rest is the best thing you can do, though... (and hopefully, Patrick will stay "fooled.")
Maybe I'll see you at Unravelled tomorrow... get well!


Monika said...

Well, it's good to hear from you, even if there's no knitting to show or anything. Take it easy, and get as much sleep as possible. You must be better, when thinking of sock yarn sale (and possibly buying some?) ;o)

mehitabel said...

The quilters in my class--three of whom have had it-- have said that this "thing" lasts between 4 and 5 weeks. You're doing all the right things for it, lots of rest and whatever meds make you feel better. Love that Irish Hiking Scarf pattern, it's easy enough to do when you're feeling wonky but looks nice and complicated.
Get better soon, please!

Bess said...

Sending you Get Well JuJu. That scarf is a wise choice.

ColorJoy LynnH said...

Get well! I have been well from my flu and the resulting weakness since the 1st and then today woke with a dry sore throat. I'm going to try some cayenne in my breakfast soup (split pea), it can't hurt and might just help..

Meanwhile I'll send good vibes your way. Do be gentle with yourself while you heal.