Monday, March 24, 2008

Some scarves

Last week while I was moping around I knit this scarf. It's a pattern I found on Ravelry and it's named The Mystery of Marie Roger Scarf. I'm not sure what exactly appealed to me about this scarf but I couldn't wait to get it going. My friend Mendy had three skeins of Kureyon that looked like they'd work well together even though they were different color numbers. So I bought those last Tuesday. I finished the scarf on Friday night.

The stitch pattern is pretty easy and the scarf is knit lengthwise. I taught myself the Lucy Neatby loose cast off. It's in her book Cool Socks, Warm Feet. I like it and will probably use it a lot, especially for scarves and shawls.

I started my stash reduction project on Sunday. It's not going very fast. I found nine balls of this unknown yarn. Hmm. I wonder what that is and how it would look knit up. (Mind you, I was only in the first box.) So I went to my Ravelry queue and found this pattern for an entrelac scarf. I've never actually made anything in entrelac even though I have done it as a teaching exercise.

I'm not sure what this yarn is as I seem to have discarded all the labels. I think it might be some KFI Kureopatra. Not sure if that's available anymore. I'm going to check with L (of L&H fame) and see if she knows. Her memory is encyclopedic for stuff like this. She'll probably even know the color number. Anyway, the yarn is rustic, a sort of contrived wabi sabi. I like it a whole lot. But I have to start over as my swatch is way too wide for a scarf plus there's not a lot of yardage in the individual skeins and I'd probably not have enough if I kept going.


Sue said...

You seem to be a on a roll knitting all those wonderful scarves. Entralac looks very interesting and I have never attempted it myself. What a great way to reduce your stash too. The top scarf looks great by the way.

ColorJoy LynnH said...

Don't you just love Lucy Neatby? She's brilliant and mathematical, yet artful and funky. Never mind she is the nicest, most approachable teacher you could find. I adore her. I like her bind off, too!

You sure are cranking out some work these days. I seem to be plodding along, doing more paperwork than yarnwork these days.

At least I just finished a fat-yarn (aran weight) pair of socks for my little feet tonight. Well, I knit the last stitch but I haven't worked in the ends yet.

I have the new socks on my feet right now, ends and all, and the alpaca blend is still not warm enough for my tootsies. I don't belong in Michigan.

Enjoy California... we got dumped on, snow, from Friday afternoon to Saturday morning. It is mostly melted but it freezes up each night and then the sun thaws during the day.

I'm so ready for real spring. One day at a time!

Anonymous said...

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