Thursday, March 27, 2008


scarf. Sitting around the table at Unraveled and admiring the textures and colors of this scarf, we all agreed that it really looked like the hills that surround the area where we mostly live. At any rate it's more descriptive than just plain Entrelac.

This is turning out to be pretty rustic. Even more than I usually prefer. I still have another seven skeins to go then I have to decide if I want to block it or leave it all hilly and bumpy. On the other hand, it may never be finished. I do get bored when things are this repetitive.


Monika said...

I was just looking at satellite pictures of my home town, and with a quick first glance of your scarf picture it reminds me of pictures from above. I can understand the boredom, even if it is nice knitting. Why do scarves have to be so long? ;o)

Lisa said...

It looks absolutely beautful! Maybe you could knit wearing plastic gloves?? Maybe you should make long strips, then sew them together into a throw??