Friday, March 07, 2008

86 the 196!

I tried to get a picture but it's too early. No sun as yet.

I've been working on a pair of socks for a couple of months now. Socks that I've simply called Stansfield 196 since that's the name of the stitch pattern I was using. The first sock was finished a couple of weeks ago. The second sock should have been done yesterday.

I was about eight rows of gusset decreases when I noticed a split yarn sticking out near the end of the heel turn. No problem. I'll just ladder down when I get there and fix it. Big mistake! The offending stitch was actually part of the final SSK of the heel turn. When I laddered down the whole thing came apart. Not really but it was mess just the same.

So I tinked back and got the offending stitch repaired and continued on my way. I'd been a little uncomfortable with this stitch pattern all along. There are some yarn overs that fall right at the edge of the pattern as it goes down the foot. These yarn overs really stretch open in a most unattractive way when the sock is on. So much so that the laciness is lost and just becomes a distorted mess. But I kept going thinking that the socks would be okay if not great.

Then about mid-evening I decided to check the second sock against the first one. That's when I decided I'd had enough. There's about half an inch difference in the leg, the second sock being longer. After studying the first sock I realized that I has missed some rows in the pattern as well as starting a new pattern repeat at the wrong point.

I don't like these socks well enough to keep going. I'd have to rip the first one anyway if I wanted to fix the discrepancy. So I'm just frogging the whole thing. This is my second sock disaster in a row. The last pair has one sock that's a half an inch short. That I can fix. This pair though has too many issues for me.


Anonymous said...

Oh, poor Larry! Did you cry? I would have cried.

I am still working on sock 1 of my toe-up socks and I had to rip the short rows 7x. I was not successful in eliminating the holes so, as you suggested, I'm calling it lace.

I'll work sock 2 the same way, though, so the pair has matching lace heels.

My next project will also be toe-up socks, because I'm a glutten for punishment and also I want to try the Fleegle Heel.

Are you totally turned off socks for the moment?

- Susan S

unraveledgal said...

Wait until you are totally recovered from the nasty hasty decisions....

Bess said...

Yes - I would blame it on your cold - because cold viruses (virusi?) are really knitting gremlins in disguise. They just love to mess with your mind - and your knitting.

Think of it as an opportunity to knit something better with that yarn.

feel well soon.

mehitabel said...

Sounds like a good decision to me! Nothing feels better than frogging a misbegotten project--well, except getting well! Hope your nasty rotten cold has flown the coop and that you'll be your usual sprightly self again soon!

Anonymous said...

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