Thursday, April 18, 2002

What a trip! I went to Alamitos Bay Yarn Company today. The store is almost right on the water in Long Beach. The harbor is jammed with sail boats of all kinds. And the weather was beautiful! Lots of sun but not very hot. But the store itself is even better, if you like incredible yarns. At first I just wandered around trying to take it all in. They had lots of colors that I had not seen in yarns that I was familiar with as well as yarns I had never seen. I didn't think the prices were any higher than comparable yarns I had seen else where. In fact, I've seen some of these yarns at one or two dollars higher. I got some Classic Elite Provence in a couple of colors and some Berroco Sprite in a bright orange, blue, magenta etc.

We stopped at a shop in Bellflower on the way back. This shop looks like it's been there for a very long time. They also carry a large selection of needlepoint, embroidery and crochet supplies. This shop is definitely not upscale. They do have some fun yarns, mostly from Adriafil. I think they're primarily mid to low end. I got 11 skeins of Cotton Classic from Tahki for only $3.25 each. I haven't seen this yarn at this price for a very long time. Maybe they're closing it out. I bought one skein of Noro's Kureyon to make a roll brim hat, $7.25, also the lowest price I've seen that yarn at. Then I found some Sugar 'n Cream in lavender with printed color dots for only $1.99 a skein, so I got all 9 of them. I guess this will be a summer shell for Lisa. She'll love the color. I don't know how well this yarn will hold up but it's used a lot for dishcloths so it should be pretty sturdy.

We stopped in Monrovia and had lunch at Jake's Roadhouse. Fantastic cheeseburgers and fries made with real potatoes. So all in all I had a great time. My friend Mary did too. She was shopping for a friend so she could buy whatever she wanted in the way knitting supplies. I discovered there are a couple more knit shops in the Long Beach area. Another trip is being planned.

I didn't get much knitting done today but a little progress on the current project. Will it be done by this weekend?

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