Sunday, April 28, 2002

I've reached the armhole shaping on the orange sweater. I have to stop and refigure the pattern. The shaping interrupts the pattern sequence in such a way that I can't see where to start the pattern once I've bound off and shaped the armholes. Tonight I will chart it out. This morning I'm too groggy to focus.

I want to start something new. I have so many options that I can't pick one. I've been looking at stitch patterns in Barbara Walker's First Treasury of Knitting Patterns but I guess I'll have to select a yarn first.

Going to lunch with Bill and Ed and then to Skein for the afternoon. I have a new student coming in. She used to be at La Knitterie Parisienne but she wasn't happy with the teaching style. I worked there for a few weeks earlier this year. I understand what she's saying. Anyway, I'll try to get her remotivated. She's bringing a friend with her who wants to learn intarsia. It's been a while since I did any intarsia but I think I'll be okay. It is pretty simple to do, you just have to keep track of where you are and plan ahead a little so your yarn will be where you want it to be when go get to the motif. Bobbins can be irritating but they're pretty essential sometimes. Usually I just work with long strands that can be pulled through whenever I need them. I learned this from Kaffe Fassett.

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