Friday, March 06, 2009

My Signature

Another birthday present. A gift certificate for a set of Signature dpns. (Thanks L&H) They are amazing! I wasn't sure if I'd like the metal. But I sure wanted those stiletto points.

I've used a lot of different kinds of needles in my day. Casein, bamboo, aluminum, plastic. You name it. I don't know what the metal is in these needles but it's very light. There is a coating on the shank of the needle that keeps the stitches securely in place and yet allows the work to move easily to the tip of the needle. I haven't had one single needle fall out. They're as secure as bamboo, perhaps even more so.

My first project on these dpns is some socks using Zauberball sock yarn. I got the needles in a US2. My most frequently used size. I think the yarn is a bit thin for this size so I'll be ripping and going down to a smaller size. I'm getting ladders that I don't usually get. The Zauberball doesn't have much give and it really needs to be knit plain so I can't get away with ladders. I got the yarn in a couple of different colorways.


Walden said...

Those needles look lovely!

sue said...

The needles do look great and sound wonderful too. Does that mean you can knit all those socks faster now.

Monika said...

I have never seen needles like that before. They do look great. I've seen Zauberball yarn, and it always looks pretty.