Monday, March 23, 2009

It's supposed to be Spring

but you can't tell by the weather. I know that in some parts of the world 48 degrees (9C) would seem warm. My brother in Utah thinks I'm a wimp because I think that is cold.

Yesterday was the big Pasadena marathon. The one that replaced the one that was canceled last fall due to bad air from all the brush fires. They didn't cancel it this time even though there was a huge rain storm that passed through just as the race was getting underway. I've never seen so many soaking wet people at one time, except maybe at the beach. I was pretty soaked myself by the time I got half way through my walk so I cut it short and came home to un-chill out.

And to work on the sock. I'm using my Signature dpns that I got for my birthday. They're ideal for working all the left and right twists in this stitch pattern. I do think I'm going to rip the heel and re-do it using short rows. And I'll probably change the reverse stockinette on the sole to stockinette.

I'm using Socks That Rock in the Xmas Rock colorway. It's a lot more intense than the photo shows. Had to use a flash since there was next to no sun when we took the picture yesterday.


lexa said...

Hope it isn't too cold there. My co-worker is leaving on Friday for California for two-and-a-half weeks. This is his third trip there, and all of them were with air miles, so that's a help. He's going to The Price Is Right for the third time. He is a huge fan and actually went the second time a lot sooner than planned. As soon as he heard Bob was retiring he booked a trip so he could see him one last time. He got me to give him a list of yarn shops. I marked the one where you worked. No idea if he'll get your way, but you never know with them. :)

Sue said...

Well I would say 9 degrees is cold, at least here it would be very cold. Our lowest temps at the moment are probably 17 degrees which is during the night. We have been having warm days, around 22 to 25 which is just perfect instead of the 45 we had on the bushfire days which was just terrible, we felt like we were melting. I love the sock, the pattern loks nice too.

Anonymous said...

Is sue talking farenheit??

I really like those socks, Larry -

and anything below about 70 (F) is COLD - you can tell your brother I said so!