Monday, March 02, 2009

It's new

Some of you may remember that I had a huge pot of amaryllis on my balcony. That pot has gone to live elsewhere. But, thanks to a kind friend, I have a new one. This one was supposed to bloom at Christmas but it was a bit late. And the blooms have gone now but I'm hoping that next year it'll come back and maybe start to multiply.

Also new. Namaste knitting bag. A birthday gift from L&H (of L&H fame). It's brown corduroy and has lots of suitable pockets. No hazardous velcro or anything that would snag the knitting. The only zipper is on the outside of the flap. I really like this bag.

It has some neat striped fabric lining the flaps. It's not all that blurry in real life.

I'm still working my way through all the birthday comments. There are a few folks that I don't have links for so I'll say thank you here. I was really happy to hear from so many people. Does this old heart good!


sue said...

What a great bag Larry. Glad you enjoyed your 70th. My dad just turned 70 too but I dont think he has aged really since he turned 65. The flower bloom looks beautiful.

lexa said...

Gorgeous flower, and I love that bag! What a great gift. :)

ColorJoy LynnH said...

A birthday is a time for those who love you, to celebrate that you were born. No matter the number, that bottom line is the essence. I know you have loved ones all around you, plus us out here.

I've seen those bags. I wanted one SO badly but could not see how I could use one more than I already carry around (and the two I use are of my own design so using them is the good move).

The flower is gorgeous. Friend Rae had one in her shop this year. What a delight to have a bloom when it's knee-deep snow outside that window it's sitting in!

Hugs. I celebrate that you were born, too!

LynnH in Michigan